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Our Team

Marina Golden Voice

An absolutely international person. She likes French rolls, Irish coffe, English tea and British humour, Scottish scotch, German shepherds, Turkish bath, Spanish guitar, Russian language and American dream.

Marina 's Skills

Fluite Playing

Serge Creative Mind

Man-of-all-trades, master of some. Julius Caesar is an amateur by comparison. Serge is masterfully killing mobs in WarCraft with one hand, mastering a new song with the other one, conquering one more mountain at the same time.

Serge 's Skills

Sound Engineering

Bonifacy The Alien

After the Sphinx's subspace mothership crash on the orbit of the Earth, the Sphinx survivors lost their hair and memory. Since that sad event they considered himselfs as the cats. But spaceship operation skills were preserved.

Bonifacy's Skills

Spaceship Navigation

What people say

What a nice, complex arrangement. The combination of immediate attraction plus patience plus persistence was beautifully orchestrated. And then the vocals come from out of nowhere, a gift for the ears of those lucky enough to get to hear them. As a listener and a fan of the genre, I was seriously impressed by the piece. SERIOUSLY. They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression and I usually agree with that. Luckily for me, that didn't hold true for this song and I'll tell you why: I got three first impressions. A) as the review page came up, I thought "8:01??? Who do these guys think they are?" Bad first impression. B) The low horn/groan, I thought "Okay, they're slow and patient. Nice sound, and maybe they need 8:01 to get through it all. Okay first impression. C) Drums kick in within seconds and I'm thinking "YEAH! These guys don't %#&@ around!" Great first impression. Then they carried that feeling for another eight minutes continually adding more and more great experiences for me, each one carrying it's own weight and leaving me wanting more. Anonymous / neoclubber.com
Light easy uptempo dance faire ala' Kylie Monogue. Nothing objectionable, instanlty recognizable, great touch at the 2:16 mark. Well done. Quite Angelic sounding, like vintage Cocateu Twins with a beat. Anonymous / neoclubber.com
I personally don't see the point in hiring a girl with an fairly good voice to sing meaningless lyrics to a song wich doesn't do enough to stand out amongst the other 7000 or so songs of similar style to be released this year. Maybe if i was in the same mind frame as the key demographic for this song so either drunk, high or just a sheep to the burberry generation i would like it. but to me i can't honestly see anything that stands out. sorry to say this but i think you... this song happend to be heard by completly the wrong person. Anonymous / neoclubber.com